Frequently Asked Questions

How many WolfBucks will I need?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. View our How Many WolfBucks page.

Where can I use my WolfBucks on campus?

You can use your WolfBucks at all campus dining venues, the University Store, vending machines, Campus Prints and copy machines, Student Center and Green Music Center Box Offices, Seawolf Services and the Recreation Center. Visit our locations page for a campus map featuring these locations.

How can I check my WolfBucks balance?

You can have a cashier at any location that accepts WolfBucks run a balance check for you or you can email

Can my parents and/or guardians add WolfBucks to my account?

Yes! Your parents and/or guardians can add funds to your account if you have set up a Parent PIN for them. See the step-by-step process on how to create a Guest Username.

Do my WolfBucks expire?

WolfBucks roll over from semester to semester and year to year!

I lost my card/my card was stolen. What should I do?

Report lost cards immediately to the Seawolf Service Center at (707) 664-2308. Your account will be temporarily frozen until a replacement card is issued. Replacement cards are available at Seawolf Services beginning at a cost of $30 per card. The cardholder is responsible for unauthorized use of the card until report of loss is received by Seawolf Services. If a card is lost when Seawolf Services is not open, the account can be frozen by notifying any of the campus dining venues.

What are the terms and conditions?